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123 Pediatric Home Health Care in Pittsburgh offers Universities and Managed Care Organizations a qualified minority oncology research coordination. The benefit of the ethnic partnership will provide Principal Investigators with a certified minority component for the following objectives.

  1. Increase federal, state, and private grant market share opportunities.
  2. Differentiation of research proposals from the national competition.
  3. Increase federal, state, and private grant proposal approval rate.
  4. Expand grant proposal research interest in studying high-quality health services in ethnic minority communities.

Some of the research coordination services include:

  • Coordinate all aspects of protocol execution as necessitated by research study design, specifically, the organization, coordination, and overall integrity of the research project.
  • Coordinate multiple and/or more complex protocols.
  • Created and maintained accurate study subject records.
  • Conduct or participate in the informed consent process, as appropriate.
  • Effectively recruit and screen potentially eligible subjects for clinical trials. Schedules, prepares for, and conducts all subject protocol visits.
  • Organized schedules required study procedures with other departments.
  • Completes source documentation, subject case report forms, and progress notes in the medical record.
  • Instructs subjects on research requirements, procedures and study products.
  • Ensures accuracy of study data through quality assurance activities.
  • Maintains compliance with regulatory credentialing, including UPMC, University of Pittsburgh, PA, and other professional credentials as needed.
  • Participates in department committees and other internal/external clinical research meetings as a committee member and/or presents on topics of interest.  


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